How Can You Serve the Poor in Practical Ways?

A couple of days ago, a very sweet young woman approached me after I'd been speaking about the ministry I founded and run (Foundation House Ministries). 

She asked me a question that I've heard many times, and I thought you might benefit from the answer, too. You may be asking yourself this same question, but haven't reached out to me yet. (What's stopping you??)

Her question was this: 

There is so much that needs to be done. So many people that need help. So many different types of people, all needing different types of help. Where do I start??

So, here's my answer, in three parts. 

1. First of all, quit worrying about how to change the whole world. Even Jesus didn't make that His priority - and He COULD have! You, I promise, do not have the burden of rescuing the entire world.

The Lord is not foolish. He is not short-sighted. He is not going to ask one tiny human to save the entire world. You've not been enlisted to fight all the battles, just the one(s) you've...

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