Is Your Church Trauma-Informed?

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The Accidental Social Worker

Transform Your Community for Jesus by Understanding Trauma, Poverty, and Addiction

 Written by Suzanne Burns

Trauma-Informed Ministry Training

Ministry to people in need can be frustrating, can’t it?

Here you are as a church, trying to be “the hands and feet of Jesus.” You’re giving out money. Giving out clothes or furniture. Bags of food. You help folks find jobs and inexpensive housing. You serve and pray and serve some more.

Why isn’t it working?

After all you’ve done for them, far too many people fall back into lifestyles of drugs and alcohol. Bad decisions. Bad relationships.

What is this ministry lacking?

I hear your questions. I’ve asked them myself. And I’ve found answers I want to share with you.

Download a free copy of my book The Accidental Social Worker. It will jumpstart your journey to becoming a more effective, trauma-informed church

Understanding: The Missing Piece

Your desire to bring lasting change may never be realized until you grasp how complex trauma, lifestyles of addiction, and the poverty mindset have impacted those you wish to serve.

You need to be trauma-informed.

It begins with trauma awareness: in-depth knowledge of how individuals’ minds are shaped by crisis and suffering.

From there you can move into implementing trauma-informed practices: creating policies and procedures that actually produce empowerment—not entitlement—in the poor and disenfranchised.


You reach maximum effectiveness when every facet of your ministry is trauma-centered. Your volunteers and staff, your operations, and your ministry site itself will all work together strategically—with sensitivity to and awareness of reality as it’s seen by those in need.

You can reach that point. And my book can help you get there. Download it free today.

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The Accidental Social Worker

Transform Your Community for Jesus by Understanding Trauma, Poverty, and Addiction

 Written by Suzanne Burns

Put My Expertise to Work for Your Ministry

Expert, Trainer & Speaker

I’m Suzanne Burns, and I’ve spent the last 20 years, after some seriously bad choices, working in service to Jesus.

I am also the founder and executive director of Foundation House, a maternity home for pregnant and homeless women. There, we also offer educational and job training programs.

What I have seen there, coupled with my advanced education and involvement with regional and national organizations serving needy populations has taught me a great deal. I’ve gained invaluable insights into the lasting impact of trauma on still-developing minds. And I’ve learned about dealing with the poverty mindset, drug culture, jail culture, opioids, violence, and gangs.

And you know what? By the grace of God, that range of experience is bearing fruit. Many of our maternity home residents are undergoing magnificent transformation.

Wouldn’t you like to see the same kind of results? You can. Begin by downloading your free copy of my book, The Accidental Social Worker. There you’ll find some of the same essential principles of trauma-informed ministry I have already shared with hundreds of ministry leaders. Why don’t you get your free copy today? 

You want to do good. I can help you do good—well.

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"I’ve learned so much! My ministry team is so much more effective now!"

"My relationship with my youth group has dramatically shifted now that I have a better understanding of the impact of trauma in many of their lives"

"I wholeheartedly recommend Suzanne Burns and Be Charity Wise to any church or ministry looking to start or strengthen an outreach ministry to the poor"

"Suzanne’s insights into poverty mindset and trauma have transformed how we serve our community."

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